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Eye Doctors For The Whole Family in Sidney!

Peninsula Lifetime Eyecare Centre: Innovative Eyecare, Modern Eyewear.

At Peninsula Lifetime Eyecare Centre, we provide comprehensive eye health care through cutting edge technology and excellent customer service. Book your appointment with us today; we promise to provide an awesome experience by putting your health and visual needs first.

What Sets Us Apart?

Our In-House Optical Lab

In addition to our outstanding diagnostic equipment, we have also invested in the technology necessary to assemble your eyewear in-house. This allows us to provide you quality eyewear with quicker turn around times and more convenience while keeping your costs low.

We Are a Care1 Integrated Clinic

Care1 is a teleophthalmology program that enables us to provide faster, more convenient, effective and comprehensive eye care service by remotely connecting our practice with our partner local ophthalmologists. If needed, we will refer our patients for a convenient in-person consultation with shorter wait times.

We Have The Technology

Our practice is equipped with some of the most advanced diagnostic and treatment technologies available. As a result, we are able to offer a very thorough diagnostic assessment of your eye health and provide the treatments that are going to provide the best outcomes.

Our Eye Doctors

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Dr. Mark Bourdeau

logan GSP UID 94c6043a 4ece 4d19 8c9a 9b225d357216

Dr. Logan Phenuff

andrea GSP UID 90717b3c 9a7d 4fc4 8490 7b6199cc64e5

Dr. Andrea Yee

aisha GSP UID 8e5ce780 111d 49e5 be7d 105210a76b7f

Dr. Aisha Cheng

erin GSP UID 91a52c10 0c3e 450c bcbc 4c731329298f

Dr. Erin Wallace

Kelsey Ford

Dr. Kelsey Ford

Our Eye Care Services

Dry Eye
Contact Lens
Adult Eye Exam
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Childrens Eye Exam
Specialty EyeCare Services

Since our establishment in 1978, we have developed a reputation for clear and straightforward advice, comprehensive care, and a large selection of frames from our quality partners in eyewear.

We will continue to do everything we can to make your experience so good that you will rave to your friends and family about us.

Our equipment, experience, and collaboration with physicians are the key to the early diagnosis and treatment of many eye diseases; including ocular surface disease or “dry eye”, glaucoma and age-related macular degeneration.

Best Eye Doctors in Sidney!

We Offer Direct Billing

For your convenience, we offer direct-billing to all medical insurance providers that allow that service, including:

  • Canada Life
  • Desjardins
  • Green Shield Canada
  • Standard Life
  • Sun Life Financial

Featured Brands

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