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Eye Exams for Contact Lens Patients

In Canada, nearly ⅓ of adults wear contact lenses, and nearly 80% of adults wear eyeglasses. Proper correction is crucial to seeing your best at work, play and driving.

Contact lenses offer the wearer a convenient and comfortable method of vision correction. Compared to eyeglasses, contact lenses:

  • Provide vision correction to a larger field of vision, stretching far out into your peripheral vision.
  • Can be worn in situations where eyeglasses may be uncomfortable or in the way
  • Can easily be worn underneath safety goggles
  • Do not fog up
  • Do not change your appearance unless you want them to – we can change your brown eyes to blue

The Best Fit For Your Eyes

Proper fit is crucial to a great contact lens experience. If you experience discomfort or eye irritation while wearing contact lenses it is important to follow up with your opticians. Changing the contact lens type or size may solve the problem or prescribing a lubricating drop can also help with dryness experienced with contact lenses. Your eyeglass prescription is not the same as your contact lens prescription; contact lenses require their own assessment and fitting.

Prior to prescribing contacts, we begin with a comprehensive eye exam. This ensures the prescription is up to date and that no pre-existing conditions exist to interfere with successful contact lens wear.

With New Technology We Can Fit Almost Everyone With Contact Lenses!

  • To ensure the best fit and comfort, we precisely measure your eye size and shape. This information helps us choose the type of contact lens that is best suited to your eyes.
  • Our Sidney optometrists and opticians leverage their considerable knowledge and experience when making recommendations based on the many options now available.
  • When first trying contacts, you may be fit with two or three different types of contact lenses until the ideal combination of value, performance, and comfort is found.

Don’t hesitate to schedule a low vision consultation at our Sidney optometry practice.

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