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Myopia Control

Myopia Control Through Treatment & Management

Myopia, or “nearsightedness”, is a refractive error that impairs distance vision. Myopic patients experience reduced acuity in their far range of vision. This affects tasks like driving, reading signs, or learning in a classroom setting. Myopia does not affect close-up vision.

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We Can Help Stabilise Your Child’s Vision

Myopia control is very beneficial to children, as it keeps the condition from getting worse as they age. The experienced opticians at Peninsula Lifetime Eyecare Centre have worked with parents and their children to reduce the impact myopia has on their lives.

Is Myopia Control a “Cure” for Myopia?

Myopia control does not cure myopia; it simply slows down the progression of a patient’s myopia. Myopia control should be seen as a method to positively influence myopia and help stabilise a child’s eyesight as they mature into an adult. This also brings the added eye health benefit of reducing the complications seen from cases of high myopia.

What About Adults?

Myopia generally develops when we are young, progressing through adolescence into adulthood. Because of this, most research centres on children and so the effectiveness of myopia control in adults is relatively unknown. At this time, we do not recommend myopia control for adults due to the lack of data to speaking to its effectiveness.

More Information About Myopia Control

What is Myopia Control?

Myopia control is a process designed to slow the progression of myopia, particularly in children. There are a number of methods available to control myopia, all of which will be thoroughly discussed and explained when you meet with one of our opticians.

How Does Myopia Control Work?

Myopia stems from the shape of the eye. A combination of treatments allow us to introduce changes to the structure of the eye.

Studies show that myopia control reduces progression of the refractive error by considerable amounts in the vast majority of patients. While each treatment has varying levels of success, some have success rates as high as 81%.

Treatments Used in Myopia Control
  • Atropine eye drops – These eye drops help relax the eye focusing muscles but the exact mechanism of action in myopia control is unknown.  Short-term studies have found atropine to be quite effective, though long-term effectiveness is still unproven.
  • Multifocal contact lenses & eyeglasses – Multifocal contact lenses and eyeglasses are effective in reducing myopia progression, contact lenses have been proven to be more so. Studies conducted in Australia, China, the United States, and New Zealand have found that multifocal contact lenses can reduce myopia progression by as much as half.
  • Orthokeratology/corneal refractive therapy – Commonly referred to as “ortho-k” or “CRT”, this process involves specialised contact lenses that gently reshape the cornea overnight. Several studies have found that ortho-k benefits myopia by slowing or even halting the elongation of the eyeball (the main cause of the myopic refractive error).

Learn more about advanced technology used during your consultation at Peninsula Lifetime Eyecare Centre.

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