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LASIK & Refractive Surgery Co-Management

Laser eye surgery offers long-term vision correction that frees you from eyeglasses and contact lenses.

We Will Help Determine if Laser Eye Surgery is Right for You.

Visit our office in downtown Sidney to meet with an opticians. We will discuss all the available options with you and refer you to an ophthalmologist.

Appointment Lasik

What is Laser Eye Surgery?

peninsula lasereye image1Some refractive errors are caused by the shape of the cornea in relation to the length of the eyeball. Laser eye surgery uses specialised lasers to reshape the cornea, reducing or eliminating the refractive error.

Regarding Surgical Candidacy

Like all procedures, laser eye surgery isn’t for everyone. Certain health complications, illnesses, and prior injuries may make you an inappropriate candidate. This is why the pre-surgery consultation is so important: it allows us to ensure that your eyes are in good condition for surgery.

More Information About Laser Eye Surgery

While laser eye surgery has proven to be a safe and common procedure, we at Peninsula Lifetime Eyecare Centre peninsula lasereye image2believe that being properly informed is important.

Our doctors will provide in-depth information regarding which procedure is best suited for you, including realistic expectations, and any potential risks (however small they may be).

Types of Refractive Surgery

  • LASIK – The most commonly performed version of the surgery, LASIK benefits include a quick recovery and minimal discomfort. In this procedure, a small flap is made in the very outer layer of the cornea and then lasers are directed onto the cornea, reshaping it and fixing the refractive error.
  • PRK – Rather than reshaping the cornea from the middle layers, PRK reshapes the cornea from the outside, meaning there is no flap. It has the longest recovery period (up to a couple of weeks); however, it also is better suited for patients with corneal complications that may rule out LASIK as an option.

More information regarding the differences between laser eye surgery is available on Health Canada’s website.

Potential Risks & Complications

Side effects – While rare, side effects from surgery are possible. Most side effects experienced are temporary. However, the potential for long-term or serious complications does exist.

    • Over or under-correction – If the laser removes too little or too much tissue, it may not correctly adjust the cornea and thus fail to provide ideal vision.
    • Astigmatism – If tissue removal is uneven, it may result in astigmatism.
    • Dry eye for a period of up to six months post-surgery.
    • Glare or halos around lights
    • Reduced night vision

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