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Eye Emergencies

eye woman 1280x853When an eye emergency strikes, access to qualified medical care is crucial.

At Peninsula Lifetime Eyecare Centre, our experienced eye doctors are available to address a diverse range of emergencies. From infections to sudden vision loss, we will provide prompt care.

In The Event of An Emergency: Call Our Sidney Optometrists, Do Not Email Us

We will provide direction regarding the best course of action. In most cases, our office provides faster service than a walk-in clinic or emergency room. However, we are not equipped to independently manage certain emergencies but we will facilitate the most appropriate and timely referral in those cases.

If your emergency is after hours, please immediately seek treatment from the nearest hospital.


What Constitutes an Eye Emergency?


  • Chemical burns – A huge array of chemicals (including cleaning agents and solvents) can cause damage if they make contact your eye.
  • Blunt trauma Any time a solid object makes hard impact with your eye, there is potential for serious, vision threateninginjuries.
  • Foreign objects in the eye From small dirt particles to metal shavings, a foreign body in the eye can be a serious problem. Our eye doctors in Sidney, BC strongly recommend against trying to remove the body on your own as you may further damage the eye.
  • Infection While rare, eye infections (such as pinkeye) can become serious quite quickly. In the case of infection, a proper diagnosis is needed to not only determine the pathogen involved, but the best course of action to properly remedy the situation.
  • Sudden loss of vision Perhaps the most alarming of any eye emergency, sudden vision loss requires immediate intervention and medical treatment. DO NOT WAIT A MINUTE LONGER THAN ABSOLUTELY NEEDED. Vision loss can be permanent. Seek medical help immediately.


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