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Eye Nutrition

Nutritional Guidance That Helps Eyesight & Manages Disease

There is mounting evidence that demonstrates a qualitative relationship between the nutrition you receive and your body’s resistance against several known eye diseases. Eating a balanced diet can make a positive overall impact on your eye health.

At Peninsula Lifetime Eyecare Centre, our focus is on your eyes. As part of that commitment, we offer all our patients nutritional guidance to bolster their eye health.

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Nutrition & It’s Impact on Eye Health

  • Antioxidants – antioxidants are known to help your eyes mitigate damage caused by UV radiation (sunlight), smoke, pollution, and more.
  • Essential vitamins – Many vitamins, such as vitamins A and C are linked with improved night vision and improved disease resistance.
  • Omega-3’s – These healthy fats are used to improve eye health by lowering inflammation; this makes them particularly useful for dry eye patients.
  • Minerals – Zinc, among other minerals, are associated with improved retinal health.

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Targeting Macular Degeneration

While there is no known cure for AMD, there is ongoing research into treating the disease. A 10-year study (the Age-Related Eye Disease Study) found that a specific combination of vitamins and minerals slowed the progression of intermediate AMD by 25% and vision loss by nearly 20%.

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