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Sports and Specialty Eyewear Fitting

Professionals across the eye care industry agree; protective eyewear is crucial to maintaining eye health.

The eyes are fragile. In most cases, vision lost to a serious injury is lost forever. A serious chemical burn is very likely to rob you of vision in the affected eye. Most eye accidents or emergencies are preventable with appropriate eyewear.

Protecting your vision should always be top a priority. Investing in the appropriate eyewear is the best way to protect them.

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Don’t let an accident alter your life forever. Our ample selection of safety eyewear for nearly every application will ensure that your eyes are properly taken care of.

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Safety Eyewear That Empowers You

There’s a stigma that exists regarding safety eyewear. Concerns regarding aesthetics, durability, or effectiveness often prevent people from wearing their safety glasses when needed.

We can provide you with safety eyewear that empowers you by incorporating your corrective prescription, using durable materials, and being aesthetically pleasing.

An estimated 90% or more of eye injuries could have been prevented by a simple, inexpensive pair of safety glasses.

When Do You Need Safety Eyewear?

  • Sport – Many sports, from hockey to fishing present risks for your eyes. A puck to the eye or a hook to the cornea is a quick way to forever impact the functionality of your eyes.
  • Work Every day an estimated 700 Canadians suffer an eye injury at work, and the overwhelming majority are preventable. Our safety eyewear is put through rigorous chemical, drop, and crush testing. We carry safety eyewear for any situation.
  • Home Mundane tasks such as mowing the lawn or power-washing your fence can pose a significant risk to your eyes. A small splinter or metal shaving could damage your vision forever.

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Providing Prescription Safety Eyewear

Thanks to our on-site optical lab, we can ensure your eyewear prescription is built into your safety glasses. There is no need to sacrifice the clarity of your vision for the sake of protection; we offer both in a convenient and affordable solution!

We can also help you with your Myopia condition.

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