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Dry Eye & Eye Pain

Woman Black Hat Beach 1280x480Dry eye disease can range from mild to severe, and when dry eyes lack proper attention, this can lead to symptoms of grittiness, burning, redness, itching, and eye pain.

However, eye pain associated with dry eye is confused with the inflammation of the skin around the eye. Similar to a sunburn, patients often resort to eye drops, warm compresses, or facial cleansers to help find relief.

Fortunately, an eye doctor has a number of treatments to manage various cases of dry eye disease, to reduce inflammation, and get rid of unwanted eye pain. Since eye pain often signals an advanced case of dry eyes, a LipiFlow treatment is often the recommended solution to provide immediate relief and unblock oils trapped in the meibomian glands.

The LipiFlow procedure can successfully diminish eye pain and other dry eye symptoms right after the procedure. Results often continue to improve over the course of a few days. Patients can prevent the recurrence of dry eye disease by scheduling a follow-up procedure a few months later.

For mild cases of eye pain associated with dry eye symptoms, the eye pain could be associated with windy or dry environments or environments with pollen or allergens.

For more information about treating your dry eyes & symptoms, schedule an eye exam with our practice, today.

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